In theory, you may, for instance, import and sell the hearing aid in your country. But, first, you shall answer two questions: one about prohibition and another about permission. 

The first question is about industrial property and is: May anyone prohibit me of using, p...


As a rule a PhD thesis is public. That´s also the case of Master´s Dissertations, etc Except in a few cases where it is held in secret. And these occur, exactly, when there is the intention on patenting the thesis´ content. In this scenario, besides the access to the p...


Before answering this question it´s necessary to understand what right a patent gives. That´s because a patent does not give anyone the right of producing or selling anything. A patent gives its owner the right of prohibiting others - the so-called third-parties - to p...


Well, it is very important to hire a professional to help you! However, this help won´t necessarily come from a lawyer...rs 

It is very important because you, without a doubt, shall not risk your economies investing in the patent system, neither as an inventor or as a u...


US 2010/001515158 A1; EP 0 497904 B2; WO 2012/125525 A3; BR 10 2013 003693-5 A2. If these codes seem to you more likely an encrypted bank account access password, then, I guess you shall read what comes next, rs Because, for those who understand patents, only by readin...


If you have watched the video on How to Invent, you know that determining the technology that already exists is a crucial step in any inventive process. After all, you are supposed to invent something new, aren´t you? 

And how do you determine prior art? You search! 




Do you work with patents? But, I thought you worked with biology, are you not a biologist? 

And, so that when I answer that I do work with patents and with biology, I feel like as if a question mark were forming over people´s faces... How so?

It´s interestin...

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